How Big and How Far?

While running an errand on campus today, I decided to sort out the distance situation so I could give our visitors a better idea of the traveling times by foot at the Important Campus Locations (those having festival events).

My methodology was thus:  I measured my number of steps and rough time estimate from the Randall Library to Kenan Auditorium-the points farthest away from each other of each building.  I am now going to extrapolate the time for the journeys one might be taking on foot around campus.

Randall to Kenan was 321 steps, and I was moving at a pace of almost 2 steps per second, but I’m reducing this to 1.33333 (ad infinitum) steps per second since I’m a fast walker.  At that pace, the journey would have taken about 4 minutes.  Based on this, I would make the following estimates:

Randall-Leutze:  4.5 minutes

Quads-Dining Hall:  5.5 minutes

Burney-Quads:  15 minutes

Quads-Kenan:  20 minutes

Leutze-Dining Hall:  20 minutes

Dining Hall-Kenan:  24 minutes

Burney-Kenan:  6 minutes

FASCINATING STUFF FOLKS!  This campus is a glorious place for riding a bicycle, by the way.  Flat as a pancake at the bottom of the stack.

Here is the interactive campus map on the UNCW website.  They don’t provide the distances (maybe I should send them my analysis?)


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