Directions to the University!

Detailed instructions about check-in is forthcoming.  To get you started on your trip planning, here are directions to the University of NC Wilmington from a few main highways.

If you are coming from the North/West on I-40 click here to get directions from Raleigh I-40 from Raleigh

If you are coming from the West North/West, here are directions from Asheville via US 74 US 74 from Asheville

If you are coming from the South, here are directions from Savannah, GA via  I-95/US-76 95/76 from Savannah

Straight from Atlanta via I-20/I-95/US-76 from Atlanta

Here are direction from Greenville, NC for those traveling from the Northeastern areas using NC-11/US-41/I-40 from Greenville, NC

To get personalized instructions, go to and click on MAPS.  Then click on DIRECTIONS.  Enter your home address in the top box and then enter the address of the University in the second box:  601 S. College Rd, 28403.  Wherever you are coming from, you will want to enter the University on RANDALL DRIVE.  Further details about where to park are forthcoming.

If you are staying at the Baymont Inn and you want to go straight there upon your arrival, the address is 306 S. College Rd, 28403.

In my personal experience with Google Maps, the travel time is about 30 minutes shorter than what they predict for every 2.5 hours .  I think they are assuming travel at about 50 mph.


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