Post-Festival News & Requests

Post-Festival News
The Port City Puppet Festival is over. What a fantastic time!  This was a wonderful gathering of incredible people from the Southeast Region and waaaayyyy beyond.
Bravo to our festival staff, partners, sponsors, volunteers, performers, instructors, and participants.
Some post-fest news/requests:
  • Festival Pictures. Please email them to Gina! We want to post them here and on the website for everyone to enjoy.
  • Festival Video. You can order over 1.5 hours of footage from the festival for $20 (includes mailing) or $15 if you are local.  This video was shot & edited by Marc Matney, who filmed various events throughout the festival weekend!  UPDATE: Marc has posted a 3-minute excerpt of the video on YouTube! Email him at to purchase the video.
  • Festival Feedback. We really do want your feedback, negative and positive.  We don’t have the technology to know who writes what feedback, so feel free to say whatever you want without repercussion on our amazing Festival Feedback Form.
  • On-going: The CAMERON ART MUSEUM holds the exhibit PuppetArt until January, 2011.  This exhibit features select puppets from Bread & Puppet (Glover, Vermont) and The Center for Puppetry Arts (Atlanta, Georgia).
  • Prepare: The 2011 PoA National Festival is July 12-17 in Atlanta, Georgia.  They are already taking workshop, performance, and film submissions!

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