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Here is a slideshow of pics I’ve received from the festival.  To copy any of the pics, I’ve added a “Photos! 300!” page (tab at the top, or click here) so you can select pictures.  More pictures welcome and encouraged.

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Puppet Fest on YOUTUBE

Check out this 3 minutes from the festival on youtube, many thanks to Marc Matney…


Post-Festival News & Requests

Post-Festival News
The Port City Puppet Festival is over. What a fantastic time!  This was a wonderful gathering of incredible people from the Southeast Region and waaaayyyy beyond.
Bravo to our festival staff, partners, sponsors, volunteers, performers, instructors, and participants.
Some post-fest news/requests:
  • Festival Pictures. Please email them to Gina! We want to post them here and on the website for everyone to enjoy.
  • Festival Video. You can order over 1.5 hours of footage from the festival for $20 (includes mailing) or $15 if you are local.  This video was shot & edited by Marc Matney, who filmed various events throughout the festival weekend!  UPDATE: Marc has posted a 3-minute excerpt of the video on YouTube! Email him at MarcMatney@rocketmail.com to purchase the video.
  • Festival Feedback. We really do want your feedback, negative and positive.  We don’t have the technology to know who writes what feedback, so feel free to say whatever you want without repercussion on our amazing Festival Feedback Form.
  • On-going: The CAMERON ART MUSEUM holds the exhibit PuppetArt until January, 2011.  This exhibit features select puppets from Bread & Puppet (Glover, Vermont) and The Center for Puppetry Arts (Atlanta, Georgia).
  • Prepare: The 2011 PoA National Festival is July 12-17 in Atlanta, Georgia.  They are already taking workshop, performance, and film submissions!

Wow! What’d ya think?

From the archives…Sat, 19 Jan 2008
“I want to have a small puppet festival here in Southeastern NC next year.  Is there anyone on this list who wouldn’t mind giving some guidance about making such an event happen?” Gina Puppetcrit

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh, I don’t know how to begin to thank all the wonderful people and all the incredible organizations that made the Port City Puppet Festival happen.

Wonderful performances, exhibits, workshops, a fantastic parade, a potpourri full of laughs and meatballs, and as promised-a Slam you will never forget.  Support in the form of dollars, space, promotion, goodwill, participation.  So many good things.

STILL, the staff would love to hear your feedback, to know what really worked for you and what good advice to put in the archives as the Southeast Region already looks toward 2012.

We’d also love to get your pictures, please send them in to be posted on the website!  Send pictures to ginagambony@gmail.com

Click Here to Take our Post Festival Survey!


Puppetry in Education & Therapy-PDTAT-INFO!

PDTAT Workshop-UNCW Education Building

Thursday, July 15, 8:30 am -3:30 pm

If you are attending the wonderful workshop on Thursday, which can be found here, please find the building on the Campus Map, which can be found here. The building is called the EDUCATION BUILDING.

The parking lot for this building is actually to the left of the building on Randall Drive; you can find this lot on the campus map as well:  I LOT.  It is on Randall Drive directly before Randall makes the sharp right turn onto Reynolds.  It is on the left of Randall, coming from College Rd. You won’t get a ticket if you park there 🙂 yay.

We are looking forward to a great workshop!

Important Updates for Registrants

The festival is upon us!  Some News You Can Use:

1.  Getting to on-campus check-in. However you get into town, you will want to enter campus on RANDALL DRIVE (see previous post).

Follow Randall; it makes a sharp right turn and becomes REYNOLDS DRIVE.

You will pass a parking deck on the left (don’t park there) and come to a stop sign.  Take a Left here onto CAHILL DRIVE.

Take a Left on WALTON into Seahawk Crossing parking lots. We will be in Seahawk Crossing Building #3! We will have as much signage as possible to help you find us.

2.  Official check-in on Wednesday begins at Noon.  Official check-in on Thursday begins at 1:00 pm. We think we can be flexible if you arrive earlier.  We will have either a person or a sign telling you what to do if you arrive earlier, and what to do if you arrive very late.  Get your license plate number from your car before you make the trek into the building if you haven’t already provided it.


Medication, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, soap/shampoo…

Identification card (driver’s license/state ID)

A great black & white outfit for the BOZO ARTS RAMPAGE SLAM event on Saturday night.  If you don’t have anything, we’ll have some black & white trash bags for you to make something

Something to donate to the TRAFFLE!

A show to perform for POTPOURRI!

Lots of cash!

Lightweight clothing & comfortable shoes.


We still have some room for puppet sales.  Please sign up to sell here to help us prepare.

Please comment on this post about items that should be added to this list!


Don’t bring an item to exhibit. Call for exhibit materials is over and we have no venue to exhibit anything else.

Anything illegal or that walks on 4+ legs or has wings.

Wool sweaters.

5.  Getting around campus. We know that walking long distances might not be on your long list of talents.  We are making arrangements to ensure everyone can get where they need to go easily…stay tuned.

6.  Arrivals by airplane. We cannot take any more airport pick-up requests.  I believe we are picking up everyone who provided their flight information…if you don’t receive confirmation from us by Monday, assume you need to take a cab.  It is a short distance to campus.  Bring the above instructions in case the cabby is not familiar with the campus.

We cannot wait to see you!  Welcome to the Port City!

Directions to the University!

Detailed instructions about check-in is forthcoming.  To get you started on your trip planning, here are directions to the University of NC Wilmington from a few main highways.

If you are coming from the North/West on I-40 click here to get directions from Raleigh I-40 from Raleigh

If you are coming from the West North/West, here are directions from Asheville via US 74 US 74 from Asheville

If you are coming from the South, here are directions from Savannah, GA via  I-95/US-76 95/76 from Savannah

Straight from Atlanta via I-20/I-95/US-76 from Atlanta

Here are direction from Greenville, NC for those traveling from the Northeastern areas using NC-11/US-41/I-40 from Greenville, NC

To get personalized instructions, go to http://www.google.com and click on MAPS.  Then click on DIRECTIONS.  Enter your home address in the top box and then enter the address of the University in the second box:  601 S. College Rd, 28403.  Wherever you are coming from, you will want to enter the University on RANDALL DRIVE.  Further details about where to park are forthcoming.

If you are staying at the Baymont Inn and you want to go straight there upon your arrival, the address is 306 S. College Rd, 28403.

In my personal experience with Google Maps, the travel time is about 30 minutes shorter than what they predict for every 2.5 hours .  I think they are assuming travel at about 50 mph.

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